10 Years of The Blue & Orange Store

10 Years of The Blue & Orange Store

This June marks ten years that The Blue & Orange Store has been open. Now, ten years is HUGE for any company; but for us, it was an even bigger feat!

The Blue & Orange Store opened in the Boise Towne Square Mall in June, 2006. In hindsight, this was the perfect season to open the store. However, when we opened, it was actually a time of great uncertainty in the Boise State universe. Coach Dan Hawkins (up to this point arguably the best Boise State football coach since Lyle Smith – 156-26-6 (.846) as the Boise Junior College head coach), had just bolted from Boise to take the job at Colorado after a five-year run, going 53-11 (.828). Boise State had just lost their home-field bowl game (MPC Computers Bowl – formerly the Humanitarian Bowl, and currently the Potato Bowl) to Boston College, in what was a 9-4 season for Coach Hawkins.

2007 Fiesta Bowl

The 2006-2007 season, led by former offensive coordinator Chris Petersen as the new head coach, ended with an undefeated, 13-0 season capped off with an overtime win in the Fiesta Bowl over national powerhouse Oklahoma. With this Cinderella win, all uncertainty went out the window! Boise State, a lesser-known small team, constantly on the brink of an undefeated season, just became a national powerhouse.

In January 2007, just over six months from the time our doors opened, MASSIVE crowds came pouring in wanting Fiesta Bowl gear and any other Boise State merchandise they could grab. In the months and years following, we have seen amazing things happen both for Boise State and The Blue & Orange Store. We have had countless autograph signing events from former players such as Ian Johnson, Ryan Clady, Kellen Moore, and many others. We are constantly getting the newest and best Broncos gear there is to keep your closet’s Boise State section up-to-date.

The Blue & Orange Store

To celebrate The Blue & Orange Store turning 10 - we are going to have a series of events that you will NOT want to miss! These events are FREE and will last from June 1st through June 11th featuring in-store deals, signings, and much more. Stop in and get your photo taken with the 2007 Fiesta Bowl Trophy which will be in the store as we celebrate!

See below for a schedule of autograph events happening in conjunction with the 10 year celebration!

Legends of the Fiesta Bowl


  • Jared Zabransky: Noon-1pm

  • Legedu Naanee: 3pm-4pm


  • Jerard Rabb: 1pm-2pm

  • Derek Schouman: 2pm-3pm

JUNE 11.

  • Drisan James: Noon-1pm

  • Ian Johnson: 1pm-2pm

  • Marty Tadman: 2pm-3pm

  • Vinny Perretta: 3pm-4pm

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We couldn’t have done it without you, so we don’t want to celebrate without you either! Watch out for new details, keep up on the blog for some awesome posts on Boise State and The Blue & Orange Store, follow our social media, and as always: GO BRONCOS!