Top 10 Plays of the Last 10 Years

Top 10 Plays of the Last 10 Years

For the past ten years or so, Boise State has been known for their trickery. It seems that even announcers are no longer thrown off guard when the Broncos pull something out of a hat.

Exhibit A:

We have collected our Top 10 Boise State plays over the past 10 Years (the same time we’ve been around as a store) – let us know what you think!

[10] Jay Ajayi: 56 Yard Opening Touchdown of the 2014 Fiesta Bowl

In Boise State’s third Fiesta Bowl (and first one without an undefeated season), Bronco fans were pretty confident in a 3-0 Fiesta Bowl record while Arizona fans (and their coach) were sure that that the Broncos would crumble. Less than two minutes into the game, Jay Ajayi gave the Boise fans a MASSIVE confidence booster:

[9] Gerald Alexander: Crushing Hit on Utah’s Running Back in 2006

Not only did Boise State crush Utah on their home field, Gerald Alexander found a way to destroy their spirits even more...well at least their running back’s spirit:

[8] Kellen Moore: Receiving Touchdown Against La Tech in 2010

In a blow-out game (like many in 2010), it’s important to have fun. Austin Pettis and Kellen Moore were able to do just that:

[7] Tanner Vallejo: Superplex on Utah State Victim in 2014

Pretty sure this video speaks for itself:

(For the full effect of the video...check out this WWE announcer version.)

[6] Jay Ajayi: Statue of Liberty Reincarnated in the 2014 Fiesta Bowl

Although this wasn’t quite the play as the original (we’re getting there), but a Statue of Liberty play leading to a touchdown in the Fiesta Bowl? How could this NOT be in the Top 10:

[5] Kellen Moore: BOMB to Titus Young Against Nevada in 2010

This is an AMAZING toss, but we won’t talk about what happens next…

[4] Fiesta Bowl: Pick-Six Combo in 2007, 2010 and 2014

Each Fiesta Bowl that Boise State has been a part of, has led to a pick-six. In 2007 it was Marty Tadman, Brandyn Thompson took it to the house in 2010 against TCU, and Donte Deayon made the play in 2014:

Marty Tadman

Brandyn Thompson

Donte Deayon

Shoutout to the guy that is STOKED in this video!

[3] Kyle Brotzman: Fake Punt Pass in the 2010 Fiesta Bowl

Before he was a martyr, Kyle Brotzman was a hero. This fake punt pass to Kyle Efaw led to the game-winning touchdown by Doug Martin:

[2] Boise State: Game-Winning Drive Against Virginia Tech in 2010

Quite the season opener!

[1] Fiesta Bowl: The Three Plays that Changed College Football Forever

If you didn’t see this coming, you must not follow Boise State. **Warning** These videos might make you cry:

And to hear it (and all the scoring highlights) from Paul J, Voice of the Broncos:

Did we miss any?

Comment below! And as always...GO BRONCOS!